Welcome to my New Blog where I display my latest paintings. I hope you enjoy my art. Feel free to contact me!

About Me

New Beginnings
Three years ago I took up art lessons, with local artist, Tony Moffit. This decision to finally unleash the artist within changed my life.

New Beginnings is a reflection of where I am presently in my personal life.

This is a collection of my artworks that are the New Beginnings of my foray into the artworld and my future.

So why has it taken me so long to embrace the artist within? Read on....

.....‘No Thanks to You Ms Randal!’
Ms Randal was my art teacher in my first year of high school, who disliked me more than I disiked her! She insisted that she would have to bin everything I did, only to award me top marks when I finished. In hindsight I think she may have felt a little threatened by me. Hence I didn’t take art as an elective at school and only recently have taken the plunge.

A favourite quote from an inspirational person…
“The very purpose of our lives is happiness. That is very clear”…Dalai Lama
Art brings happiness to me...happiness in being able to finally indulge my desire to be creative.

I hope you enjoy my New Beginnings as much as I have had creating them.

Lea Bullock
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